Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lightworkers Recognition

Interesting article - Posted on 23 August, 2011, Spirit & Destiny

lightworkers way, magazine, presence x -- Care for your Light when others look or stare at you

Just got this in lightworkers magazine, and i HAD to place it on here, to help others understand their Presence, as YOU radiate light, so don't be bothered by the stares; and remarks. you hold love within you, and shine it out brightly. so ignore the stares and remarks of negativity. remember you earned your brightness! xxxx

"As Lightworkers, your radiant presence lifts the room. You may find that people stare at you in the supermarket, on the bus or in the gym - this is because they sense your light, yet are not quite sure what it is that magnetizes them to you.

Take pride in being this beacon of light on a planet that needs it; be love not fear and glow with the certainty of the soul's magnificence. Presence cannot be bought, for any price; it is earned through lifetimes of living as love, and thus, you deserve every ounce of recognition you receive for the light that you are.

With this understanding, you can hold compassion for those who envy your peace and try to unsettle it with intimidating looks, hurtful remarks or bullying tactics; they are simply jealous of your presence and yet to learn the secret of it. In time they will, so for now hold your stance and be strong if needs be; a peaceful presence does not mean putting up with unloving treatment, quite the opposite, it means honoring your self-worth and aligning fully with it on all levels and with all people." - ©


This article is not mine..

Cleansing Your Aura

~~~ Aura Cleansing ~~ its important to say this oftento cleanse your aura and chakra

to be spoken in the shower

°☆ ★ ° :.  . • °   .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★
Let the water run off your skin. Enjoy the feeling then say:

Let this water penetrate my aura, energy system, mind and soul. May it wash away all discord, disharmony, illness, imbalances, attachments and evil. Cleanse the colors of my aura so they shine brightly and become a barrier of reflective colors that nothing can penetrate. My aura becomes alive with divine energy and protects me by shielding my chakras with a barrier that only the divine can pass, it sends out spikes so negativity can not attach to drain me, worry me or harm me. By the element of air and Archangel Raphael let me be sealed and protected, by the element of Fire and Archangel Michael let me be sealed and protected. By the element of water and Archangel Gabriel let me be sealed and protected. By the element of earth and Archangel Uriel let me be sealed and protected. By divine love, kindness, and light may this day be protected and every day be protected by divine light.

You can find a way to put this page in a plastic bag and or laminate it and have it in the shower to read every day. It will stop many of the energetic and spiritual problems that cause immune diseases, and lack of energy. It should also help to be balanced and focused during the day. It will help people who do not have energetic barriers, or find themselves taking on others emotions and energies. It is very effective when used with herbal soaps and shampoos that have been blessed by prayer. Anyone with specific and special problems can modify this prayer to include the problems and be safe from them during the day. I hope all of you try this prayer as it is very helpful to start a day off right.

°☆ ★ ° :.  . • °   .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★
This is a small prayer from Doreen Virtue which you can say every time you feel too much of stress

"I forgive myself for all the self-imposed stress that i;ve put myself through. Thank you , god and angels, for undoing all of the effects of this stress"

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Grounding -- why ground yourself?

Importance of Grounding
Always connect yourself to the energy of Mother Earth ...
The earth is a strong component as a guide as a supporter... Grounding techniques are an important part of the centering prayer and healing methods of certain energy healing traditions.

( See the net for grounding techniques )

Grounding is essential to clearing out negativity when you have an off day or during the day when you feel spacey or not quite here. It is especially important with all of the exercises everyone does to elevate themselves. We live on this earth and when you elevate yourself with out grounding any energy can be picked up because the person is wide open.

one technique is: Hugging a tree

Go to a relaxing place such as a park or into your back yard. Pick out a tree that seems friendly to you that you like.

Go to the tree and hug the tree, and try to energetically feel the tree. You can do this a couple of different ways.

We have minor chakras in the hands which can receive energies and the experience is great for developing your ability to feel energy changes.

If you feel rejection or not friendly energies then you should move to a different tree.

Simple way of Grounding

Picture small roots growing out of the bottom of your feet down, down, down to the core of the Earth. Imagine that there is a large quartz crystal at the core that your roots connect to. Next visualize
a small spot on the top of your head (your crown chakra) opening up and fibres emerging reaching up and up similar to the roots you visualized coming from your feet. Visualize them growing up and up and connecting to the heaven’s, central sun, moon, a planet, etc. Sit for a few moments and breathe in energy from both below and above and visualize that energy entering your body. In doing this you are both centering and grounding yourself.
Do this every morning and anytime you feel insecure, emotional, and always before meditation or any spiritual or healing work.

** Realm of Guidance

Before you indulge yourself into any activity, know why you are doing it.

Before you indulge yourself into any activity, know why you are doing it.. not because everyone does you should be doing it too.... Read further below

 This extract below is to rise awareness of what is currently happening... 
You trust your religion.. 
what is already written in books, Nobody can come and tell you "your scriptures are rubbish" ... 
There is quite a number of panels that govern or protect those religion.. 
Thats another thing that there are different beliefs or School of thoughts of how to pray or worship GOD...

Spirituality is nothing than just discovering our own self.. of who we are... discovering our potential.. a step further to any belief made by others.. you can in search of discovering life, your inner self...
You become more positive to life, how to control your anger... its  a long and never ending journey.. there is no book to teach you spirituality...No organisation to confirm that yes this is the only way to achieve happiness, spiritualism....

MUST READ -- Share this post to your profile or your page if you have any..

Ok. This is an important post.-- MUST READ

what is spirituality for YOU?? & religion?? is it two different parts or the same???
Are you following any particular page who concentrate on healing, readings, attunements?
How sure are you that you are on the right track?
Do you get carried away easily upon seeing a post on free reading without listening to your inner SOUL?
Do you get carried away easily upon seeing a post on attunement ( chakra activation, reiki, kundalini balancing)...etc?????????? without listening to your inner soul???
What exactly do you want in SPIRITUALITY??

Do you research about spirituality enough before making a decision to take an attunement?/ WHAT DOES your SOUL calls for?? Do you LISTEN to it??
How can you confirm what the administrators are posting are TRUE, DIVINE & ACCURATE..

To block unwanted scenes in TV, there is a CENSOR which monitor those FILMS..
Illegal activities there is the LAW..

BUT Spirituality??? Who is going to cense that?? Which LAW???

Without pointing finger to any particular page, my humble request: know what you are going to attune to FIRST..
Know the SUBJECT…
ask questions…

DONT JUST JUMP INTO anything like this THINKING that you will see GOD.... Or you will get GOLD... DO NOT LET ANY Person Influence your THOUGHTS...

THANK You.. Namaste ♥


Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to Ask for Reading/Guidance

Asking for reading or guidance does not mean the Reader is going to predict exactly what is going to happen in your life........

Oracle Readings are meant to personified your life in a better way, to change your way of thinking, to give you comfort and support, to show you new ways of hope and they also provide many suggestions to a particular problem...

Oracle Readings are also meant to add value to your life.. They help you to grow emotionally, professionally, increase your insights, decision-making, intuitive abilities....

Sometimes its not necessary to read whatever the Guide Book ( it comes along with the Oracle Cards) suggests you should apply it to your life..

BUT, while studying the Card you have drawn, many times thoughts, ideas, pictures comes to your mind.. Trust those Images and Ask Your Guide to Help you understand those Divine Messages...

How to ask for an accurate and specific Reading?


 Is this a good job? Will I ... ? When will i get a good job? etc -  Will not give an exact reading compared to  'to what degree will this job be good for me?"

 Also while making a request for reading, NEVER narrate your stories... Go directly to your question. WHY?

Because while narrating, this gets store in the reader's mind and what the reader wants or think, that card will be drawn...

  1. Use open rather than closed yes/no questions. Rather ask: " Tell me about my current relationship?' or "why can't i get a better job'? or " what is holding me from getting a good job? "What if i applied to this company?"  ... etc
 From Net
The following "Seven Deadly Traps" were cited in an article in the American Tarot Association's Newsletter (Volume IV number 4, August 1999). It's a matter of personal preference as to whether you choose to follow them or not during your reading sessions.
  1. Questions with Should, Would or Could.
  2. Questions about other people (Who will, Who should, Who...).
  3. Questions about time.
  4. Questions about being (Is my girlfriend cheating on me?).
  5. Questions about why something or somebody did something.
  6. Questions about what will happen in the future.
  7. Questions about health, wealth and legal problems.

Please, do not encourage questions on medical diagnosis, pregnancy, specific dates or locations, or regarding the manipulation of the freewill of another. They are unethical and remove possibilities from the Universe. They are not empowering.

Great questions give answers that empower you to change the course of your own life. They show you how YOU can change matters for yourself through your own thoughts and actions.
While the event occurs, please refresh your page often. ♥

Read these guidelines first....
What to do?
Choose a Deck of Tarot or Oracle cards that is 'calling' to you ~ if you do not have a deck, why not use the FB oracles or tarot apps available? By participating, you will not only receive readings, but also give readings.

State your positive intent. This tells people that you would like a reading completed for you. For example: I participate with the intent to learn and to receive; surrounding each of us with the white light of protection.

Then for each person that commented with their intent, complete a one card reading for them.   Place your reading under their comment. This keeps all their readings in one easy to find place. 

Please ensure that you read for each person that has read for you!

It does take time to complete readings. Please be aware that if you arrive late, you may not receive readings from everyone.

Please utilize respect and provide feedback to those that read for you.



Friday, 28 December 2012

Psychic Protection Flame - Archangel Michael

What are Psychic Attacks?

Psychic attacks are more common than people realize. They happen all the time. We are born with natural defenses against psychic attack – a spiritual immune system, if you will, that should normally provide protection from common psychic attacks. Sometimes, however, the spiritual immune system is compromised, due to an extensive psychic attack, trauma, illness, or other negative impact on the energetic system. When this happens, the individual becomes very vulnerable to psychic attacks, much more vulnerable than usual. Sometimes, even a person with a strong spiritual immune system will fall prey to a psychic attack, especially if it is particularly vicious, persistent, or perpetrated by a large group. Healers and lightworkers are particularly vulnerable to psychic attacks because lightworkers are often targeted by dark energies. Furthermore, clients who need healing are often filled with excessive negative energy. It is thus very important for anyone in the healing profession to protect themselves regularly.
This is why psychic protection is critical. The Psychic Protection Flame is designed to not only protect the individual from psychic attack, but repair the individual’s spiritual immune system each time the flame is activated. In this way, the Psychic Protection Flame provides immediate relief from current psychic attacks, and long-term protection thanks to the strengthening of the spiritual immune system as well. 

 A psychic attack is when someone attempts to harm another person on the spiritual level using psychic energy. There are three basic types of psychic attack: Psychic assault is when someone actively and purposefully attacks the other’s person energy field with negative intentions. Examples of psychic assault include: Sending hate to another person, actively envisioning and wishing for the failure of another person, casting a negative spell on another person.  Psychic vampirism is when someone drains another person’s energy field. Psychic vampirism can be conscious and done actively with negative intention, or done unconsciously without negative intention. Unconscious psychic vampirism is very common. It is what occurs when someone is needy and grabs onto another person’s energy system in the way they might grab onto a life preserver when drowning. Psychic contamination is what happens if a vulnerable energy system is exposed to negative energy. Even a person without negative intentions towards another can contaminate an energy system, if they themselves have a lot of negative energy they are carrying around. If you find yourself continually irritable around another person or persons, or getting angry and defensive with them when you wouldn’t otherwise, then they probably have negative energy that might be encroaching on your energy system. It is usually a good idea to protect yourself energetically while around draining or negative people, but you should also try to limit your interactions with these people as much as possible. While you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends, your job, your boyfriend, etc. Choose to be around people who uplift your spirit, not people who are actively working to destroy it.   

Psychic attack can be very devastating and left unchecked, result in the following:
Depression  Anxiety  Illness  Bad “Luck”  Accidents  Job Loss  Money Problems

In the case of illness, psychic attacks can open up the recipient’s energy system to energetic contamination. Deep contamination can cause long-term chronic illness such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis. (Not all illnesses are caused by outside psychic attack. Cancer is often the result of the individual psychically attacking themselves.)

Solution / Remedy

Psychic Protection Flame - Archangel Michael

Usage : Once attuned, you can invoke the Psychic Protection Flame to put up a shield of protective and healing rainbow energy around yourself. 

 Here is how you invoke the Psychic Protection Flame:
St. Michael, please surround me with the Psychic Protection Flame. (You can change this petition slightly, but it must include “St. Michael” and the words “Psychic Protection Flame.”)

To protect a loved on, property, a project, or a situation:
St. Michael, please surround my loved one (my home, my job, my project, etc.) with the Psychic Protection Flame.

 The Psychic Protection Flame will not only protect you and whatever you surround it with, it will block you from sending out any psychic attacks of your own. (You might still have the negative intention, but it will not get through the flame.) You should invoke the Psychic Protection Flame every day, once upon waking and once before going to bed. You should also invoke the Psychic Protection Flame whenever entering into a situation with negative people. (Be careful, sometimes the people who appear to be the “nicest” aren’t what they seem.) Trust your gut instincts. It won’t ever hurt to use the flame so you can use it as much as you like. As your spiritual immune system gets stronger, it will be less critical to invoke the Psychic Protection Flame on a consistent basis; however, it is a good idea to just get into the habit of using it all the time. Even people with strong spiritual immune systems can be seriously attacked, if enough bad energy is thrown their way at once. If this is happening to you, invoke the Psychic Protection Flame immediately, as well as throughout the day, and return to a strict schedule of protection once the crisis has passed.


You can attune (or re-attune) yourself or another at any time by invoking Archangel Michael: St. Michael, please attune me to the Psychic Protection Flame. If you want to add additional energy to the attunement, envision and send a rainbow flame around the person being attuned. You can also use any other attunement method you are already familiar with, but “St. Michael” must be invoked in the process. There is no time-limit or limit on re-attunements. This energy can be freely shared with anyone, and it is also OK to charge for providing a personalized attunement if you offer attunements as part of your Reiki practice.

Love & Light

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